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Entry 006: Over And Over Again - Harry Potter 100 Song FanFic Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Harry Potter 100 Song FanFic Challenge

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Entry 006: Over And Over Again [May. 30th, 2007|07:37 am]
Harry Potter 100 Song FanFic Challenge


TITLE: Over And Over Again
SONG: #80 - What Happened To Us? (Sung by Hoobastank)
AUTHOR: pbmaxca
PAIRING: Ron/Hermione
SUMMARY: She gets by with a little help from a friend. A little light gets shed on her problems with Ron.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked her as she walked into the common room. He was sitting on one of the armchairs in front of the fire with a book open in his lap. His glasses were off, and the expression on his face looked as if he had just rubbed his face to wake himself up. The lightening bolt scar on his forehead was only a slightly more red color than the rest of his face.
“As if you really care,” she snapped back at him, marching passed him towards the spiral staircase that would take her to the girl’s dorm. The stone flooring of the building lent for stomping that seemed to echo out of the common room to other parts of the school. She’d once complained after she heard a girl stomp through the space. She’d thought that the noise was coming from a troll not a first year who had gotten a howler from her mother over her grades.
“You and Ron fighting again?” Harry asked as he put his glasses back on carefully so that he wouldn’t smug the glass. He said it with such a simple tone that it almost shocked her that he would take this all so lightly. He’d been distracted lately due to the tournament, but she had thought with that all over that he would be able to snap back into the real world.
She turned around on the fourth step up the stairs. She answered with a swift nod, “Yes.”
He didn’t seem to believe her. If he had he probably wouldn’t have continued. “I know I shouldn’t butt in—“
“Then don’t,” she said and moved up another stair. This was just like him trying to save the world. At first he’d been terrified of trying to live up to the prophecy about him, but now he seemed to revel in it and she hated that.
“Hermione,” Harry said.
“Don’t start Harry. You don’t have a clue about what’s going on.”
“I think I do,” he said still calm and cool as ice.
She put her hands on her hips defiantly. She wasn’t one who liked to hear that she was wrong. Maybe if a professor told her something she’d listen, but little Harry Potter wasn’t going to tell her that being upset right now or that her feud with Ron wasn’t necessary. “So what’s going on?”
“Ron likes you.”
She shook her head, tears coming to her eyes. “He does not.”
Harry nodded that Ron did in deed like her.
“Then why--?” Her voice cut off as she started to think about Ron yelling at her. This was all so confusing. She thought for a long time that she could fix any problem that she was faced with given enough time to study up on the subject, but it looked like relationship and what she thought might be love, really was too complicated, even for her.
Harry’s voice was sympathetic when he spoke. “You know that right?”
She shook her head, turning her hurt into anger, knowing that it was weak to show anything else. She was afraid that someone might see her in this confused state and she might lose all the reputation she’d built up over the last few years at school. At home no one knew her as a strong willed person, and she wasn’t about to let that personality leak over from the Muggle World.
“Likes me?” She said in anger. “Well he’s got a funny way of showing it. Like yelling at me in the hallway really wasn’t what I expected.”
Harry nodded in agreement. “It’s not that he wants to yell at you, but it’s his reaction since you yelled at him at the Ball. If you hadn’t I think he would have asked you out a long time ago.”
Hermione shook her head. “What are you talking about?”
“You didn’t see him at the ball?” Harry asked.
Hermione nodded that she hadn’t. Of course she’d paid attention to him while she was there, but moments of her evening she’d been swept off her feet by Viktor and not wanting to be a bad date, she’d paid attention to him instead of trying to look for Ron. It actually was the first time in a long time that she hadn’t worried about him.
Harry continued to explain, “He’s upset about you and Viktor.”
“He’s jealous of Viktor.” She came back down the stairs and flopped onto the couch next to where Harry was sitting. “He’s jealous of everyone, jealous of you too.”
It wasn’t really true, Ron wasn’t jealous of Harry or anyone for that matter. He was just a little hurt that he hadn’t been in on all the adventures. Forever the little brother, he thought that he was getting the short end of the stick when it came to participation due to the fact that he hadn’t been a part of the Tri-Wizard Cup and that his friends’ attention had been focused so hard on other people the last few weeks.
“He and I aren’t the issue here,” Harry said calmly. “Ron is jealous and acting so strangely because he is interested in you and you won’t give him the time of day.”
She sat back hard in her chair and took a deep breath. She saw the image of Ron yelling at her and screaming at her and telling her that he never wanted to speak to her again in the back of her mind. The image made her feel completely conflicted since her plan to see less of Ron clearly had led to him yelling at her.
“I could have made it work. I could have found a way,” she said loudly then mumbled, “We kept it all inside. Now it’s too late.”
“What is?”
“Nothing,” she said and sighed. “This is just a big mess.”
Harry nodded. “Definitely.”
When she heard a noise at the window she looked up to find an owl at the window. It was clutching a package in it’s claws and giving her a desperate look, as if it was an important package that couldn’t wait.
She moved away from Harry towards the window and the owl came flying into the room, going straight for Hermione’s lap. Wincing a bit the owl landed on her lap, let out a squeek then jumped to sit on the back of the couch.
“What is it?” he asked looking at the box. He dug into his pocket and brought out a cracker and fed it to the owl.
She shook her head to indicated that she didn’t know what was inside the package, then she flipped it around and read the address information. “It’s from my mother,” she said with a slight smile.
“Open it,” Harry prompted.
She did as he suggested and found a letter and a small box of powder inside.
“What is it?”
“A letter,” she said and sniffed at the powder in the box. “And I think some Floo Powder.”
“Floo Powder?” harry asked, “From your mother?”
“I guess so,” she replied and opened the letter.

Dear Hermione,
Parker Winslow has invited you to his fifteenth birthday party this Saturday. Normally I wouldn’t suggest you visit home during the school year, but your Muggle friends miss you while you’re away at school. I’ve noticed a lack of letters which probably means that you are missing home as well.
Please think about coming home for the weekend. If you need a letter to the school to let you come home, please send me a letter back and I’ll get one out to you as soon as possible. Your father and I miss you.
Included is some floo powder that Mrs. Weasley sent over last summer when you went to visit them. It should be enough to get you to the Leaky Cauldren. Your father will pick you up and take you to the party.
Hope to hear from you soon
Love, Your Mother

“Are you going to go home for the weekend?” Harry asked the moment she was done reading.
Thinking about her friends back home made her smile. With them she didn’t worry about Ron or Harry or exams or anything. Home was still that safe, calm place, that she needed to visit every so often to keep her sanity.
“Yes,” she said, “Definitely.”

What Happened To Us?
Sung by Hoobastank
[Verse 1:]
I thought it was too good to be true
I found somebody who understands me
someone who would help me to get through
and fill an emptiness i had inside me
but you kept inside and I just denied
some things that we should have both said
I knew it was too good to be true
cause i'm the only one who understands me
what happened to us
we used to be so perfect, now i'm lost and lonely
what happened to us
I know deep inside I worry did I use my only
[Verse 2:]
remember we thought we were too young
to really know what it takes to make it
but we had survived off what we have done
till we could show them all that they were mistaken
who would have known the lies that would grow
until we could see right through them
remember they knew it we were too young
we still don't know what it takes to make it
I could have made it work, I could have found a way,
should have done our best to see another day
but we kept it all inside I knew it was too late
and now we live with the consequence we made to throw it all away

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