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Entry 002: Through the Eyes of A Stranger [May. 30th, 2007|07:30 am]
Harry Potter 100 Song FanFic Challenge


TITLE: Through the Eyes of A Stranger
SONG: #016 – See Who I Am (Sung by Within Temptation)
AUTHOR: pbmaxca
PAIRING: Ron/Hermione
SUMMARY: Hermione has a secret.

Hearing his voice around the corner, she shut her eyes and prayed that he’d go to class and leave her alone. She didn’t want to have to deal with real life today. She’d done her studying and even managed to see him for a moment in the hallway, although it had been a miserable situation for the two of them, before giving her tour to the first years of the library. She had one more thing to do that day before she planned on disappearing into the nether parts of Hogwart’s so that she could ease some of the tension that had built up inside her.
She thought for a moment. While she knew that there wasn’t a light bulb above her head that flipped on, she sure felt like it. There was only one thing that would make her feel better, getting to see Ron without him knowing she was seeing him, and she planned on doing that right away.
Feeling the metal necklace around her neck, she pulled out the hourglass that hung there. She was sure that the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, specifically the Improper Use of Magic Office would hate the fact that she was using the device this way, but it was her only choice. If she was going to stay sane and stay in school she was going to have to use the Time-Turner.
Trying to remember what time she’d seen Neville in the hallway, she spun the hourglass back about a twist and a half knowing that the number of times she turned it, was the number of hours she could travel back in time.
As the rest of the world moved around her, she took a deep breath until she was back to the past, an hour or so before. The hallway was empty of students. She guessed immediately that the first class of the day had yet to begin, which meant Ron probably was just dragging himself out of bed and would appear near Divination just as the crowd of students attending early classes were getting out.
Moving carefully, knowing that she’d been in the halls after early classes, she wound her way towards the opposite end of the hall from where she’d come from to talk to Neville that morning. Finding the doorway to a supply closet, she tucked herself behind a wall hanging and let her face peak out.
This was a lot of trouble to go through just to see him, she knew that much, but it was the only solution she’d been able to come up with. She couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t, have contact with him face to face. It was too dangerous.
Her boggart in the past had been her professors, particularly Professor McGonagall, telling her that she’d failed her classes. For a book worm like her, this was almost worse than death. She’d prided herself on being a good student and knew that she’d done all she could to get good grades, well in most of her subjects anyway.
To fail now would send her into counseling for sure. Definitely a visit with Madam Pomfrey would be in order as well as a trip to St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries to cure her from that fright. She wondered though if she would become petrified the way that she’d been when she’d looked in the gaze of the Basilisk. She hoped Madam Pomfrey had Mandrake again to cure her of it.
While failing was her ultimate fear, recently her boggart had changed to one that she’d liked even less. It was the image of Ron yelling at her and screaming at her and telling her that he never wanted to speak to her again. Although it might be strange to do exactly what her boggart was showing her, she’d chosen to stay away from Ron if possible, at least until she found out the source of the change in her boggart. She was hoping that Professor Snape could help her figure it out, but she’d been intimidated by him in their last few meetings and hadn’t been able to ask for help.
She figured in the meantime, despite her highly intelligent and purely logical mind, that the less contact she had with Ron, the fewer chances their were to get him mad at her.
As full classes emptied into the hallway, Hermione hid herself. For a moment she wished she had Harry’s Invisibility Cloak. It might be dangerous to use in the crowded hall, but she’d be able to stand right next to Ron with it.
When Ron appeared in the hallway she felt herself holding her breath. She was sure she was out of sight, but she didn’t move a muscle. Watching closely she saw her earlier self appear from the crowd and talk to Neville.
She couldn’t quite hear what she was talking to Neville about, but she didn’t have to hear it again. She’d asked him clearly what she was wondering now. “Is Ron looking?”
“Yes,” Neville had answered, clearly sympathetic to her need to be near Ron without being face to face. He hesitated, opening his mouth and shutting it a few times, before finally speaking. “You two really need to talk.”
“I can’t,” she said leaning closer to him. She had told Neville about her Boggart, but didn’t want anyone else to know. He already had realized that she was an emotional mess over the whole situation so he didn’t comment on the way her eyes had glassed over with tears.
She watched as Ron tripped and fell over Angelina’s foot then turned to watch her own reaction to his clumsiness.
She watched her own expression instantly fall. She hadn’t meant to frown so at him, but she couldn’t help but feel that he was looking for attention since she was so clearly ignoring him. She didn’t want to keep her distance, she wanted to tell him that, but she knew that she couldn’t.
Her icy eyes stared at him for the longest time. She didn’t look like herself. There was no expression in her eyes at all, she actually looked like she was a dead person. She couldn’t remember exactly what had gone through her head at the moment, but she knew that she’d had trouble staying strong and not breaking into tears.
“Say something,” she mumbled from behind the wall hanging. She only wished that she had ESP so that she could change the outcome of the exchange since it was so clearly painful for the both of them.
Watching herself now, in a mirror reflection, was scary. She felt bad about the way she had acted. In the moment it always seemed like the right thing to do, but seeing it from another angle told her instantly just how horrible she looked to other people. She ’d always had the reputation of being cold and distant and now she understood why.
“Say something,” she mumbled again.
When someone near her seemed to hear her, she moved further back into the wall hanging before she moved along the stone wall towards the far end of the hanging which gave her an even better view of the exchange.
The hurt in his eyes was evident. She made an effort to send out a prayer to whoever was listening that Ron was a good guy and that she hoped he would have the patience and understanding in his heart to forgive her when all of this was over.
She watched herself finally roll her eyes as she turned her back to him and spoke to Neville. She remembered feeling tears starting to pull at her eyes and she had tried her hardest not to let them fall. “I’ve got a class of first years told show around the library. I’ll see you later Neville.”
Neville squeaked out a goodbye to her and disappeared as well probably heading out towards the Greenhouse.
She turned her attention back to Ron watching his exchange with Angelina.
“Yes,” he said and straightened up. He ran a hand through his hair, “Have you talked to Fred lately?”
“No,” she laughed a bit, her perfectly white teeth gleaming at him. Hermione hated her own smile and found herself instantly jealous of Angelina’s. “Last I heard he and George’s business was going well though.”
“Yep.” Ron looked as if he was already running out of things to say to her. Somehow that brought Hermione some kind of satisfaction. Despite their separation the last few weeks she knew that the two of them could talk to each other for hours on end even about the weather. “What about Quidditch?” She knew that the team was doing well, but he asked anyway. “Going ok?”
Angelina laughed again. For a moment Hermione felt jealousy towards the other girl. She just seemed to be acting too friendly towards him all of a sudden. “Very much so.”
“Well,” he said when he finally noticed that students were going into their classrooms. “I’ve got to get to class. I’ll see you later.”
“Ok,” she said with a smile, “If you see your brother, tell him I said hello.”
Ron nodded and moved towards Divination. “I will.”
Hermione waited until the coast was clear then stepped out from behind the wall hanging. While she wished she could spend time watching through the small window in the door as Ron sat through his second round of Divination, she knew that she needed to get back to the present, so she quickly turned the Time-Turner back to where she’d started from and instantly was back in the present.
Instantly she felt herself being pushed into the wall, as if someone was walking by her and hadn’t noticed her standing there. “Hermione!”
When she realized that it was the red hair and blue eyes of the one person in the world she didn’t want to see staring back at her she pursed her lips and made her voice as gravely as possible, showing anger instead of relief at finally seeing him face to face. “Ronald!”
“Sorry,” he said looking down, “I didn’t see you there.” He looked at her with a confused look and scratched his head, “I swear you weren’t there a minute ago.”
She wanted to smile at him for being so cute in a moment like this, but didn’t.
“Next time look where you’re going.” Without another word she turned and stalked down the hallway towards her next class. Knowing that no one would notice, she pulled her robe tightly around her, crossed her arms and let the tears that she’d wanted to shed earlier finally fall. She knew that she had somewhere else to be, but no one in her next class would notice her tears.

See Who I Am Lyrics
Artist (Band):Within Temptation
Is it true what they say,
Are we too blind to find a way?
Fear of the unknown cloud our hearts today.
Come into my world,
See through my eyes.
Try to understand,
Don't want to lose what we have
We've been dreaming
But who can deny,
It's the best way of living
Between the truth and the lies
See who I am,
Break through the surface.
Reach for my hand,
Let's show them that we can
Free our minds and find a way.
The world is in our hands,
This is not the end.
Fear is withering the soul
At the point of no return.
We must be the change
We wish to see.
I'll come into your world,
See through your eyes.
I'll try to understand,
Before we lose what we have.
We just can't stop believing
cause we have to try.
We can rise above
Their truth and their lies.
See who I am,
Break through the surface.
Reach for my hand,
Let's show them that we can
Free our minds and find a way.
The world is in our hands,
This is not the end.
I hear the silence
Preaching my blame.
Will our strength remain
If their power reigns?
[Chorus x2]
this is not the end.

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